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Antique & Collectible
Woodworking Planes & Tools

Phillips Patent Plow PlaneOn this page you will find a wide and varied selection of antique woodworking planes & tools I am selling from several large and diverse tool collections.   You will find early patented woodworking planes by makers such as Sargent, Millers Falls Tool Co, Winchester, Keen Kutter, Ohio Tool, Union Tool, and other more obscure makers.  Stanley Planes will be found on the Stanley Plane & Tool Page.

Some of these companies produced quality lines of woodworking planes and tools to compete with Stanley in the marketplace.  Other famous names such as the Simmons Hardware Co. of Saint Louis MO, whose tools were known as Keen Kutter Brand, or Winchester of Gun making fame, were for the mostPatented Leonard Bailey Split Frame Plane part merely distributors, rarely than actually producing any of their own lines of tools.  Simmons Hdwe. Co. AKA Keen Kutter did it well, while the Winchester antique tool story was not as pretty.

There will be rare and desirable patented woodworking planes from known and recognized makers including Leonard Bailey as well as a good sampling of quality metal woodworking planes created by various lesser known makers like Steers, Morris, Davis Level & Tool Co. Worrall, Phillips, Standard Rule, and more.  These planes are from the era when people like Leonard Bailey and other entrepreneurs and inventors with the spirit of Yankee ingenuity were producing lines of woodworking tools and patented planes during the mid to late 1800's for the American consumer and created some wonderful collectible planes for today's collectors.

Patented & Unusual Metallic & Wood
Woodworking Planes

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  • Hardt Patent Smooth Plane - Rare California Maker
  • Hardt Patent Block Plane - Rare California Maker Miller's 1872 Patent # 50 Bronze Improved Joiners Plow Plane
  • Knowles Type Patented Plane w/ Cut Out Sides 
  • c. 1860 - 1870 Mystery Jack Plane
  • Mayo Patent Plow Plane w/ Cutters
  • Metallic Plane Co of Auburn NY Fillister Plane  
  • Holly Patent Jointer Plane
  • Several Different Size Worrall Patent Transitional Planes
  • Fales Patent Combination Plow Bead & Molding Plane
  • Siegley Combination Plow Bead & Molding Plane  

  • # 1 1/4 Tailed Victor Block Plane by Leonard Bailey & Co.
  • Bailey Tool Co. Battleaxe Logo Block Plane M.B. Tidey Patented July 4th 1854 Double Beveling Plane
  • Leonard Bailey "Little Victor" # 50 & 51 Block Planes

  • 1" Bullnose Shoulder / Rabbet Plane    SOLD!!
  • 3/4" Brass Rabbet Plane    SOLD!!
  • J. Popping 1" Brass Infill Rabbet Plane
  • 1 1/4" Brass Infill Rabbet Plane
  • 1 1/8" Mathieson Bullnose Brass Rabbet Plane   SOLD!!
  • 5/8" Instrument Makers Bullnose Rabbet Plane    SOLD!!
  • Bronze Squirrel Tail T Rabbet Carriage Makers Plane

Woodworking Planes by
Sargent / Winchester / Millers Falls / Union Tool Co.
Simmons / Keen Kutter etc.

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Sargent began producing and marketing woodworking planes in 1884 even though they had been in business for many years prior to that Sargent #29 Rabbit Planeproducing hardware, locks and other metal products. During their early years they produced a line of planes that rivaled Stanley in design, quality and popularity.

Millers falls came into the woodworking plane marketplace late in the game, but due to their reputationKK / Keen Kutter #71 Router Plane and experience producing other quality tools for many years they had a loyal following.  Many of their planes are hard to differentiate from their Stanley counterparts in look or quality, and most are considerably harder to find than the Stanley version. 

Ohio Tool Co. was a major competitor of Stanley and produced a line of metal planes similar to Stanley as well.  They also produced a few unique and rare design planes. 

Union Tool co. also produced a line of planes similar to Stanleys line before being gobbled up by them.   Stanley continued to sell this line of planes and tools as a second line for a number of years before dropping the name and line altogether. 

Antique Sargent 507 Rabbet Block Plane
  • Sargent 37 Skew Rabbet Plane in Original Box
  • Sargent 1080 Combination Plane in Original Box
  • Fulton / Sargent 1080 Combination Plane

  • K 5 C Keen Kutter / Simmons Hardware Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane (Bedrock 605 C)
  • Keen Kutter / Simmons Hardware K 5 1/2 C Corrugated Bottom Large Jack Plane (Bedrock 605 1/2 C)

  • Millers Falls 1220 Surform / Rasp Plane

Antique & Collectible Wood Planes
Wooden Plow & Molding Planes

Woodworking Planes have been known since the times of the Pharaohs in Egypt and perhaps before.  The antique wooden planes on this page Kimberly Patent Handled 3 Arm Plow Planeare mostly American or English.

The history of American made wooden planes begins in New England with such famous names as C. Chelor,  I. Nicholson, I. Jones and a host of other 18th century documented wooden plane makers.  There has been a lot of research done on early American planes and their makers, and those books are worth a read.

In general wooden planes made after about 1830 or so are considered "late" and the designation "early" is applied only to 18th century planes.  Mass production of wooden planes by tool companies such as Ohio tool, Sandusky tool, and Auburn Tool Co began after the first quarter of the 19th century.  Their production continued to just after the turn of the 20th century when makers/ manufacturers either changed to metal bodied planes or dropped out of the business all together.

American & European
Wooden Plow Planes & Molding Planes

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *  Handled Ebony and Boxwood Plow Plane w/ Cutters

  • C. E. Chelor Living in Wrentham Molding Plane - 1st Documented Black / African American - Freed Slave Plane Maker
  • Auburn Tool Co Beech Handled Plow Plane 
  • Rosewood & Boxwood Plow Plane
  • "A. C. Bartlett Ohio Planes" by Sandusky # 119 Beech Plow Plane
  • Lamb & Brownell Boxwood Plow Plane
  • Auburn Tool Co. Rosewood Plow Plane
  • M. Copeland Plow Plane 
  • Misc. Wooden Molding Planes w/ Some Nice Complex Profiles

Antique / Vintage
Squares / Bevels / Gauges
by Stanley Rule & Level Co. / St. Johnsbury Tool Co. & Others

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The Stanley Rule and Level company was formed in the late 1850's and began their business producing a line of folding rules and Antique Carpenter & Machinist levels / Inclinometers general hardware in New Britain Conn. Levels came next, and a few years later Stanley got into the woodworking plane making business utilizing Leonard Baileys Patents and designs for metal bodied bench planes and scrapers.

The Stanley Rule and Level Company spent a lot of time and effort developing a market and filling the need of earlyBridge City Tool craftspeople wanting top quality tools. Stanley Rule & Level Co. and the tools they made had a great reputation back when. The Stanley name imprinted on a tool was synonymous with quality and high standards for close to 100 years and they dominated the market with their line of fine woodworking planes and other carpentry related tools.

I try to offer vintage tools by Stanley and other vintage makers tools in nice condition, and if there are major detractions I will let you know or the pics will tell the story. If you are looking for something specific use the search feature found on the right, or ask as I may have it or can point you toward it.

There is an incredible array of vintage and antique squares and bevels and different forms of marking gauges that have been patented and produced over the years A. Stanley & Co. 2' 4 Fold Brass Bound Arch Joint Rule. They were designed for use by many different tradesmen including woodworkers carpenters machinists and more.  Many of them have now become highly collectible while others are in demand by users and trades people of today because of the high quality, degree of usability and functionality they provide, and the beauty these fine old collectible tools exhibit.

Some of the antique tools listed below are quite unusual and hard to find.  Suitable for use  or inclusion the vintage tool collection.   Others will be a welcome addition to the workbench for the user / woodworker who appreciates the quality in a fine vintage old tool made in the USA, from a time when we use to actually produce things.
  • Antique Carpenters Try & Miter Squares
  • Disston # 9 Square w/ Bevel  1867 Howard Patent Brass Handle Bevel w/ Level 
  • 12" Rosewood Handle Carpenter Square
  • 6" Rosewood Handle Try & Mitre Square
  • Selection of Rosewood Handle Bevels
  • E. W. Moore Patent Pending Roof Framing Bevel / Tool
  • Howard Patent 8" Rosewood Handle Bevel w/ Level 
  • Howard 1867 Patent Brass Handle Bevel w/ Level
  • Fisher Patent Bevel

    Antique / Vintage Rules

    * * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

    A. Stanley & Co. 2' 4 Fold Brass Bound Arch Joint Rule
  • Stanley # 60 Double Arch 2' 4 Fold Brass Bound Rule    SOLD!!
  • Stanley # 68 2' 4 Fold Carpenters Rule
  • Stanley # 136 Caliper Rule
  • Stanley # 68 Rule
  • "Sub Grade Rod" #218" by L. A. Batham Oakland Cal.  
  • W. H. Harling 6" Ivory Rule / Protractor for Architects / Navigation
  • H. Chapin No. 5 1' Four Fold Brassbound Boxwood Carpenters Rule    SOLD!! Lufkin No. 863L  2' 4 Fold Boxwood Rule w/ Level & Inclinometer
  • C. S. Co. 43 Ship Builders  Rule & Bevel  MINTY Nice
  • Unmarked Maker No 42 Ship Builders Rule w/ Bevels
  • Lufkin No 42 Ship Builders Rule w/ Bevels
  • Stephens Co. No. 100 6" Boxwood Caliper Rule    SOLD!!
  • Robinson Rule Tool
  • Henry Green 1891 Patent Level Inclinometer Rule Tool Attachment
  • AND More

    Antique / Vintage
    Stanley Levels & Inclinometers

    * * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Stanley # 36 24 Inch Level
  • 2 Stanley # 30 Adjustable Plumb & Level 28" & 30"Stanley # 30 Adjustable Plumb & Level
  • Several Stanley # 39 1/2 Cast Iron 6" Machinist Levels
  • Stanley 24 Inch #15 Nicholson's Patent Level
  • 2 Stanley 14 Inch #13 Nicholson's Patent Level
  • Stanley 24 Inch #15 Nicholson's Patent Level
  • Stanley 30" Cherry Plumb & Level

    Antique & Vintage
    Davis Level & Tool Levels & Inclinometers

    * * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • L. L. Davis Salesman Sample / Display Model 15" #6 Mahogany Level w/ Cutaway L. L. Davis Mantle Clock Level Inclinometer
  • L. L. Davis Mantle Clock Level Inclinometer 
  • Davis Level & Tool Co. 12 Inch Inclinometer Level
  • Davis Level & Tool Co. 12 Inch Machinist Level
  • L. L. Davis No. 33  36" 1867 Patent Masons Double Plumb & Level 
  • M. W. Robinson Co. Davis Patent 24 Inch Cast Iron Level
  • Davis Level & Tool Co, 24 Inch Cast Iron Level
  • Davis Level & Tool Co, 18 Inch Cast Iron Level
  • Davis, Athol Machine, or Standard Tool Co Pedestal Pocket & Square Level
  • Davis 6" Pedestal Level w/ Vial Sleeve
  • Davis Level & Tool Co. No. 37 1/2 Pocket Level for Square
  • L. L. Davis No. 6  26" 1867 Patent Mahogany Level
  • L. L. Davis No. 31  30" 1867 Patent Level

    Antique / Vintage
    Cast Iron Levels & Inclinometers

    * * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

  • Williamsburg Mfg. Co. 12 Inch Cast Iron Machinist Level Starrett Cast Iron Level
  • Fitchburg - Webb Patent 9" Cast Iron Level
  • C. E. Jennings 12" Cast Iron Machinist Level 
  • Millers Falls 6" Cast Iron Machinist Level
  • C. E. Jennings Cast Iron Level
  • Goodell - Pratt 6" Cast Iron Level
  • Goodell - Pratt 12" Cast Iron Level 
  • 4 Inch Cast Iron Pedestal Machinist Level
  • Starrett No. 130 Cast Iron 3" Bench Level

    Antique / Vintage
    Wooden Levels & Misc. Inclinometers

    * * * Click Heading to see Items * * * antique inclinometers

  • Acme Level Co. Wooden Inclinometer Plumb & Level
  • C. S. Co. Pine Meadow Conn. 28" Cherry Inclinometer - Plumb & Level
  • Davis & Cook 26" Cherry Wood Level
  • Mahogany Level w/ External Plumb Vial & Sighting Feature
  • Dreirer Brothers Pitch Level / Inclinometer
  • A. V. Shorts Patented 1905 Wooden 4 Vial Plumb & Level
  • Helb Patent American Combined Level & Grade Finder / Inclinometer
  • The Beall Tool Co. Inclinometer
  • Douglas "Five Feature" No. 518 Level
  • Buckeye Plastic Co. Magno-Level / Inclinometer
  • Eclipse Grade Meter / Level
  • Starrett No. 135 Pocket Level

Stanley Rule & Level Co.
Spoke Shaves / Chisels / Misc. Tools / Parts & More

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

Stanley 67 Spoke Shave w/ Flat Bottom
  • Stanley # 66 Beader
  • Stanley # 67 Spoke Shave 
  • Stanley Millers Patent Iron Wrap Around Fence
  • Stanley 84 Boxwood Spoke Shave
  • Bailey Patent Box Scraper Stanley # 92 Butt Gage / Marking Gauge

  • Stanley # 77 Marking / Mortise Gauge
  • Stanley # 92 Butt Gage / Marking Gauge
  • Stanley # 93 Butt Gage / Marking Gauge
  • Stanley 91 Double Stem Marking Gauge
  • Stanley # 92 Butt Gage / Marking Gauge

Woodworking Chisels / Gouges / Slicks / Adzes / Axes / Drawknives
Carving Tools / Hand Drills  / Saws & More

Antique & Vintage edge tools, including carving tools, woodworking chisels, gouges, carpenters slicks, vintage lathe tools and more will be found on this page.  The vintage and antique edge tools Carpenters Slicksfound below will be suitable for use in various woodworking hobbies and trades or inclusion in any antique tool collection. 

Antique woodworking edge tools from makers such as Addis, D. R. Barton, James Swan, Herring, Henry Taylor, Buck Brothers, L. & .I.. J. White, Wilkinson, Witherby, Maier, Marples, and others will be found under the proper headings / links below.  Stanley Chisels including their famous line of Everlasting or Everlasting chisels and the Stanley #720 & 750 model chisels  will be found on the Misc. Stanley Tool Page. 

These famous edge tool maker names ring with nostalgia and fond memories of the old days when quality was the standard and American pride of manufacture carried over into the things made here in the USA.

Vintage and antique tools are popular not only because of the superior quality, but often times these antique edge tools can be had in fine condition for a fraction of what is being charged  for quality tools made today.  There is no comparison in relation to price vs. quality when speaking about the garbage coming here from China sold in every retail establishment no matter the name you see on it.  

With a bit of knowledge and judicious shopping you can outfit a toolbox or shop workbench with a array of quality antique & vintage woodworking tools at a reasonable price and get full value for your dollar.

Antique & Vintage
Slicks / Drawknives / Adzes & Misc. Edge Tools

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

L. & I.  J. White 3 1/2 Timber Framers / Ship Builders / Carpenters SlickSlicks are basically large chisels and oftentimes large framing chisels are mis-identified as slicks.  In general they can range in width  from 2" up 6" or so with those large examples being very hard to find.  Most are socket style, but there are also tang slicks that can be found.  Occasionally a gouge style slick turns up, and even less often crank neck ones  appear.  Names like Wilkinson, Barton, L. I. & J. White, Witherby, James Swan and more come to mind as the premier makers of the 19th century.

  • 2 Preston & Sons Spoke Shaves
  • D. R. Barton 1 1/2 Gouge Buck Brothers 1 1/2 Crank Neck Paring Chisel
  • Spoke Pointers
  • 1 1/2 " Buck Brothers Crank Neck Paring Chisel
  • Odd Cast Iron Spoke Shave
  • Wooden Spoke Shave
  • Stearns Patented March 5 1878 Adjustable Hollow Auger
  • 1" Buck Brothers Crank Neck Pattern Makers Paring Chisel
  • Charles Buck  1 1/2" Crank Neck Paring Gouge
  • Marples 1" Crank Neck Pattern Makers Gouge

Antique & Vintage
Braces / Breast Drills / Hand Drills & Yankee Screwdrivers

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

Braces and drills have evolved over time and each have many different styles and Yankee 100 Drill Setdesigns to choose from.  There is a book on American Patented Braces by Ron Pearson and finding some of the harder ones can be a challenge.  They make for a great display once one begins to appreciate the differences and thought that went into the different designs. Others make for great users.

I have seen a few collections of Beam boring machines and they can be very impressive.  It seemsRuger Drills - Brace - Archimedian - Egg Beater & Pistol there are a few  common versions around that were mass produced, and then a very few models that were patented and made in very limited supply.  Some with just a few known.  The Millers Falls model is the most popular with today's timber framers and users, although outfits like James Swan and a few others made a nice usable product.   

  • 2 Seymour Smith No. 2310 10" Bit Braces in Display Box - NOS
  • Ruger Eggbeater Style Hand Drill
  • Stanley # 2101A 10" Bell System B Bit Brace
  • Patented May 25 1886 Davis Bit Brace


Vintage & Antique
Rip & Crosscut Carpenter's Hand Saws
by Disston / Atkins & Others

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

The saws listed should be considered straight.  None are kinked or bent so as to be unusable or in need of straightening.  Some are sharp, some will need to be re-sharpened.  Disston D-7 26 10pt Crosscut Saw

  • Disston K-5 Keystone Defender 26" 8 pt.  Crosscut Saw   
  • Disston 24 Inch 8 pt. "Handy Hand Saw"
  • Disston D 95 26" 8 pt. Crosscut Saw

  • Warranted Superior 26 Inch 8 pt. Saw
  • Logan & Gregg Sterling Hardware Co., Pittsburgh PA. 26 Inch 5 pt. Rip Saw Disston 26 Inch D 12 London Spring 7 TPI Saw
  • 24" Bishop  Duplex Combination Dovetail / Back Saw 
  • Davis Level & Tool Co Springfield Mass Hacksaw
  • Hobbies Patent Deep Throat Fret / Coping Saw
  • Rare & Unusual Otis Smith Saw Set

Misc. Antique / Vintage  User & Collectible Tools
Peddle Power / Blacksmith  / Hammers / Etc.

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *  

  • 19th Century Antique Carpenters Work Bench
  • 19th Century Antique Carpenters Wooden Tool Box 19th Century Antique Carpenters Work Bench
  • Boley Leinen Watchmakers Lathe w/ Accessories
  • Starrett # 131 Cast Iron Level Sights in Box
  • Nestor's Patent Clapboard Gauge  
  • Jaques Patent Direct Read Micrometer
  • Cast Iron Cut - Out Tool or File Handles / Holders
  • Small Boat Builders / Shipwright Caulking Mallet 
  • Frictionless Metal Co. Collection

Antique & Collectible
Farm Machinery Models, Wrenches & Misc.

* * * Click Heading to see Items * * *

Adams Salesman Sample Road Grader

  • Jones Salesman Sample Mower
  • Adriance Platt Salesman Sample Sickle Bar Mowing Machine in Original Box
  • Salesman Sample Adams Road Grader

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If you have a single antique, or a collection of antiques to sell please Contact at giving us your PHONE NUMBER and other contact info and we will get back to you ASAP. 

To view examples of the types of antiques and collectibles we have previously sold and are always interested in helping you sell please visit our Past Sales Archive Pages at our sister website


Larry & Carole

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