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Here are Some of Our Favorite Links

Georges Basement  There is more info on old tools on this site than I have ever seen at one site. I spent several hours there and did not see anywhere near all of it.   GREAT!!.

MWTCA  Known as Midwest, the king of all tool collecting groups.  Lots of info and a well-presented site.

The Virtual Museum of Surveying History  This site consists of exhibits which cover a variety of topics related to surveying history.  As the museum grows, we will continue to develop galleries with different themed exhibits in each gallery.

Sewing in Surf City  This is my friend Nancy's blog, and if you are into sewing, fabric, and fashion you'll want to take a look and add it to your favorites.  It's a fun read, and will make you want to start on that next sewing project!

Fun Sewing Patterns and Guides  This site was suggested to me by a young lady who has been sewing and knitting with her grandmother since she was little.  She asked me to share all this information that she discovered!

Jim Bode Tools   Jim Bode offers some of the finest quality & nicest antique tools available on the net or elsewhere on his website.  Take a Look.

Jon Zimmers Antique Tools   This is one of the better antique tool sites on the Internet.  Jon has the distinction of being one of the first, and is by the far the best.    Robert Parrish has an extensive list of surveying equipment that he has for sale as well as information on the repair, restoration, cleaning, & parts making services that he offers for surveying and scientific instruments.  This is Valéry Monnier's definitive site for info on this category of calculators and adding machines.  These calculators from an age past have an important place in the history of calculation and their development is an interesting story..  I have never seen a more complete and informative site on the subject.  Well worth a look if you need info on this type of instrument from a time past.. 

The Hardware Companies Kollectors Klub   Here is the place to go to learn more about Keen Kutter, Winchester, E. C. Simmons, Diamond Edge, OVB, and all the other great early hardware companies.  Two yearly meets are held in Missouri which include an amazing auction, tailgate sales and lots more.  

ISMACS  This International Sewing Machine Collectors Group publishes a  top-notch quarterly magazine and hosts several international conventions and auctions as well as their informative website.

Simmons Auction Co.   This top-notch Missouri auction house conducts outstanding specialty auctions for tools, pressing irons, Griswold and cast iron cookware, graniteware, and lots more great stuff.   A well done and very informative site.  

Museum of American Heritage  Dedicated to preserving  and displaying objects related to 19th and 20th century invention, this museum is located in Palo Alto, CA but you can also visit them online.  They offer great workshops and classes as well as their ongoing exhibits related to the history of technology.  Be sure to check out the resources on their links page.   

Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America   This group was founded as Midwest Sadiron Collectors Club in 1984,  and in 2009 changed the club name to PITCA---Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America---to encourage membership of all trivet collectors and pressing iron collectors East of the Mississippi, South of the Mason Dixon, up in New England, and out here on the Left Coast, as well as everywhere in between.  The quarterly newsletter "Pressing News" alone is well worth the modest yearly membership dues and the resource library you can borrow from is second-to-none.  Trivet collector and author of The A-Z Guide to Collecting Trivets  Lynn Rosack also maintains a blog "Trivetology" with observations about trivets and collecting.

MyOldTools  This site by Ross Conant is the source for Millers Falls and other boring machines as well as other great tools for the timber framer and other woodworking trades.

Furniture Knowledge   A nice site full of important information for the working woodworker, as well a nice selection of links to help you find most anything you will ever need related to woodworking.  

The Typewriter Museum  This is a new and very worthwhile typewriter site with lots of information on some rare as well as many more typical machines that are involved in this interesting collectible.  

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