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Mechanical Nature Antiques


The primary focus of our two websites,, and is Buying, Selling, and Dealing in Antique Americana related to American Patented and Mechanical Antiques and collectibles. We seek, and can help you sell, Antique Advertising, General / Country Store Antiques, Antique Tools / Technology & Scientific related Antiques.

The antiques and collectibles we sell include antique surveying instruments, antique and vintage Plow Planewoodworking tools, especially patented antique woodworking planes, antique sewing machines, antique pressing irons and other laundry related antiques.  American patent models, vintage salesman samples, and other important pieces of early American history commonly referred to as Americana are of special interest.

The antiques we seek include figural cast iron antiques, rare examples of vintage mechanical kitchen antiques, early vintage office antiques, and antique electrical devices including fans and open frame or Bi-polar electric motors.  We buy, sell and deal in what is known as Americana and General / Country Store Antiques and related antique advertising as well.  All fit into our definition of Antiques of a Mechanical Nature. 

We call it Americana with a purpose. 

Services We Offer

To meet the varied needs of today's antique collectors and sellers of antiques we provide a five-fold service-oriented approach to buying and selling antiques and collectibles.

Consignment Sales are the primary source of antiques listed for sale on our antique sales website. We are currently selling many varied antiques and collections of them on consignment from Monfort Patent Model Ironseveral very large and diverse collections of antiques for different owners.

We also sell individual antiques on consignment for various owners.  These include old time collectors, dealers or other antique sellers like heirs or relatives of the actual collector.  Some collectors are simply downsizing, or selling their antiques for a number of other different reasons. Oftentimes we are helping new owners, spouses and / or relatives of the original collectors sell antiques that they have come into possession of. 

Consignment sales through our website offer many advantages for the seller / owner.

The largest and most obvious reason is that through consignment sales at a fixed price and reasonable commission rate, you the owner are able to net the highest possible price and return for your antiques.     
Another major advantage is that through consignment sales you name the price.  By paying a single commission, and only upon a successful sale, the uncertainly of auctions and the double fees incurred with a buyers premium in addition to the sellers commission are gone. There are more advantages as well, and these are discussed on the FAQ page 

Muller #16 Toy Treadle Sewing Machine / TSMAntiques listed for sale on this site get worldwide exposure.  Our websites are well ranked on all major search engines, and I get over 1000 unique visitors a day with 10's of thousands of individual page views.  Over 50% of those visitors are "new".  The other half are regular customers looking for new pieces listed.  Many are serious buyers who visit this site on a daily basis seeking specific antiques to add to their collections, not just a small local audience, or casual lookers that most other venues offer.  They are real buyers looking for quality antiques to add to their collections. 

Other advantages are that this approach eliminates the typical adversarial role between the owner / seller.   That would be you and me, the end seller, as we are both working toward realizing maximum price / value for your antiques when I sell them.  Bottom line is I want to help you sell your antiques for the most possible.  I am not trying to buy them for the lowest possible price.  I am working w/ you to realize the highest possible price, not against you trying to buy them for the least amount possible.

We are actively seeking quality consignments of antiques in all areas related to our fields of specialization and interest.  Please browse through the sale pages by clicking the links to the left to see what we deal in and how this service could work for you.

Please see the FAQ Page  for more details.

Current Clients

One antique collection we are currently handling is focused on antique tools in general & specifically on antique woodworking tools.  This collection was begun in the 60's and numbers over 15,000 tools.  This collection originates right here in California and will take years to redistribute to today's collectors. 

An antique collection we are selling that hails from Washington State is laundry-related and includes close to 3000 antique pressing /  sad irons and trivets, miniature stoves, and much more.  Over the last 15 years we have helped numerous consignors, and sellers sell over 9,000 sad irons from several different collections. 

A collection from Oregon we are selling was focused on antique Irons, & other Ironing related antiques all set up in a general store type museum with much advertising and related Country or General Store Antiques including General Store Fixtures, Cash Registers, scales, hardware and more.

Another collection we are selling for a deceased collectors spouse includes over 300 toy and full size sewing machines. This collection had some great toy treadles as well as some of the hardest to find of all toy sewing machines.

We are also selling a large collection of Bootjacks for an owner downsizing, and refocusing his collection. This collection of over 300 Bootjacks includes examples across the spectrum from Patent Models to mechanicals, naughty Nellies, figurals, heart motifs and more. We are about to pick up another large collection of bootjacks similar in size so check back to see the new additions in the coming months.

We are also currently handling 3 different antique collections from across the country focused on antique sewing machines and sewing related antiques including sewing birds / clamps and other sewing related collectibles for different consignors.

As of 2012 we are adding a new collection of over 100 toy and salesman sample stoves from a large and old time collection.  We are also going to be handling another large collection of irons, and more are in the pipeline. 

To view specific examples of the types, level of quality of the antiques we are interested in, and provide more information about, including past sales prices please review our Past Sales Archive pages at our sister site

Outright Purchase and Sales We can, will, and do buy antiques outright.  We do this all the time.  The most important aspects that influence our decision to buy a given antique are  price, condition, and desirability. These are the main factors or most important considerations in determining our interest in buying a given antique.  Without knowing the specifics of each of those factors, it is very hard to say whether or not we are interested in buying your antique or collection. 

Outright sales are how most antique dealers obtain their merchandise.  It can be the quickest and cleanest approach to buying and selling antiques when the seller knows what he / she wants for that antique or collection, and is being realistic.  Often times they do not, and are not. 

Watson Patent Sewing MachineMany sellers want "retail" or retail + + for their antique collection or single antique. Many sellers ignore the fact they have contacted an antique dealer who has to buy at wholesale.  Others profess they have no idea what the value is or how much they would want.  Antique sellers using this approach to selling sets up the classic adversarial dealer / seller situation  mentioned before.  In general I do not usually participate in this back and forth.  I would rather help you sell your antique than fight with you over the price. 

If you have antiques to sell and have them priced ----- reasonably and realistically------ contact us and we can sew up the deal with me buying them now!  Or I can help you sell them on consignment, and in most cases you can will beat your expectations. 

Internet Auction Listing Service of quality single pieces or antique collections is another service we offer for select pieces.  If time is a factor andDolland Telescope your willing to let current market forces rule, we alternatively offer an expedited sales approach for your antiques or collectibles through EBay or other internet auction sites.  We have several thousand positive feedbacks from selling antiques and collectibles on eBay and it can be a good approach for certain pieces.  In general though we do not recommend this approach for most pieces for a number of reasons.

We offer this service on a commission basis with competitive rates as well.  An example of a piece we sold there for a consignor is a farm related Patent Model / Salesman Sample Corn Planter   Click link to see the ad for this piece we ran on eBay!

I currently list antiques & collectibles on eBay under the name TheAntiqueMerchant. In general I use that venue only in special circumstances, or to help draw buyers / bidders from there back to our site.  Please take a look to see how I run auctions there.  Contact me if this is how you want to proceed 
Contact Us

Finders Service for Antique Buyers We offer this as a service for those who are looking for specific antiques to add to their collections.  We offer a paid finders service for serious collectors looking for serious pieces and treat a paid retainer as a contract to find and provide the piece for a reasonable commission.  We have good contacts for the types of Antiques that we deal in.   We will work for a fixed finders fee as well.  We treat general requests to look for something as --- general requests.

Appraisals, Research and Consultations are offered as part of the above services------ within reason. If appraisals or research are desired for u related reasons we offer these services as a paid service.  Please see the FAQ Page for details.

J. Hale Patent 1885 Surveying Instrument We are very specialized in our field and interests, and that is where we can be of service to you.  Please see the Antiques Wanted and the FAQ page for more specific info. 

We hope you enjoy this site, and that you will come back often to see our latest offerings. As antique dealers who buy and sell antiques we are fair, reasonable, and honest. 

We deal with people openly and with integrity when conducting our business.  We treat sellers and our customers the same way we want to be treated.  Our reputation is important to us and we can provide numerous references from past clients, collector friends, and others attesting to this. 

Please review the general info pages listed on the left for more information on what we buy and sell and how we conduct our business.

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We Want to Help you Sell Your Quality Antiques

If you have a single antique, or a collection of antiques to sell please contact us at giving us your PHONE NUMBER  and other contact info and we will get back to you ASAP. 

To view examples of the types of antiques and collectibles we have previously sold and are always interested in helping you sell please visit our Past Sales Archive Pages at our sister website

Please see our FAQ page, the Appraisal / Selling Page and the Selling Your Collection Pages for further info.


Larry & Carole

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Larry & Carole Meeker